We are the Ruby Rita Tini’s!



Welcome to our very own



Liz, our Queen!

This is Liz, our former Queen!

Her Majesty and our leading Lady!

LizShe has retired from her position as Queen, and passed the title on to Lady Chocolat!

Our Co-Queen is Debra.

Co-Queen Debra

Debra is our party girl!  She is our inspiration to always have fun!



Yolanda is the Co-Co Queen Butterfly

She makes great Mexican Food!

She is also a fantastic Baker.


Bernie is now our new Queen 

she is from Switzerland and loves anything Chocolate!

Therefore Queen Chocolat



Lydia is Lady Amnesia

has for the past several years been the gracious

Hostess of our Christmas Party!

Lydia. Princess “I Forgot”


Mina is Lady Lisca

just had her second Baby a boy who is now keeping his sister “Olivia”  company.




Dominique is Madam Frenchie!




She is from France and puts on

a great Cocktail Hour with lots of french Goodies


Doreen is Lady No Name


Doreen is our Jamaican addition and our token student!



is our Cuban member.  Her name is Lady Java and

she must have my morning coffee.