We are the Ruby Rita Tini’s!



Welcome to our very own



Liz, our Queen!


This is Liz, our former Queen!

Her Majesty and our leading Lady!

LizShe has retired from her position as Queen to be a Madam which sounded like more fun to her for now, and passed the title of Queen on to Lady Chocolat!  Liz was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  At the age of Fifty, in New Orleans, she was Hatted by her Sister-In-Law who was already a Red Hatter at the time.  She went on to come home and start her own Charter, the Ruby RitaTini’s!  They began with four and grew to thirteen very quickly.  We now have twelve, but you never know when a perfect fit will come along.  Liz is married for the second time, she has three beautiful children who are all grown now.  Amanda, Jolene and Thomas who are all as unique as their mother, or so she thinks!!  She also had two Grandchildren, Dakota and Jolie who are the extra beats of her heart!  Hobbies??  ‘Too many to count, but if you ever see her without a book in her hands, she may be sick…  And every Ruby in the group is also a special beat of her heart!

Our Co-Queen is Debra.

Co-Queen Debra


Debra is our party girl!  She is our inspiration to always have fun!  She is also a native of Florida, but has traveled around a bit.  Her current husband, who has been her longest and last, (we hope) is the love of her life on a good day!  She has 2 fantastic kids and one beautiful Granddaughter who is the apple of her eye!!! At present she has two homes, one next door to the beach, which she has shared with us for our yearly girls trip.  And what happens there, stays there!! Oh, and one of the original four!



Yolanda is the Co-Co Queen Butterfly.


Yolanda is one of the original four!  She is our transplant from MEXICO!  When Yolanda started with us even though she was not a baby, she was so innocent.  Well we took care of that!  We taught her almost everything we know.  She has more children than we can count, but the two we do count are Yoli, who is a Ruby and Carla who is our honorary Ruby.  And boy can they all cook..  Yolanda and Liz met in PTA   when their girls were partners in school PE.  One of the best things that could have happened, or there might not be a crazy group like ours!!



Bernie is now our new Queen 

Bernie was born in Uzwil, Switzerland on 12-31-55, and says she came in with a BANG to celebrate the New Year!! She grew up there and worked at the Swiss Railroad.  She moved to England to work for three years, and then moved on to Israel to work in a Kibbutz!  In 1980 she found her way to the United States and got a job at the Fountain Blue Hotel, where she worked for 21 years.  During that time she married twice and had two wonderful children, Andrea and Olivier.  Andrea gave her a grandson named Greyson!  And Olivier went on to play for the Miami Dolphins!  Bernie loves to spend time with her Ruby girlfriends and go on our crazy adventures!  Her hobbies are reading and DANCING!!!

Therefore Queen Chocolat



Lydia is Lady Amnesia

Lydia is a transplant from New Jersey, who married a Floridian and has made her home here in Miami. She says her best assets are her husband and her two children.  And then she met us, her new family of Red Hatters!  She has for the past several years been the gracious Hostess of Christmas Party, which are beyond words and so much fun!!  She also inspired her daughter to join our group as a Pink Hatter!

Hostess of our Christmas Party!

Lydia. Princess “I Forgot”


Mina is Lady Lisca

Mina is our resident Cop!  If we ever get in trouble we know who to call.. She has had two beautiful children since she joined our group. Mina was our youngest member until Tegan took the role! Mina is our hot and sexy lady cop, or so our husbands tell us! And our sons..  She has been enjoying her Mommy time, but we sure do miss  seeing her as much as we use to.




Dominique is Madam Frenchie!




She is from France and puts on a great Cocktail Hour with lots of french Goodies! Dominique was a late comer to our group, but has brought so much to the table in the form of patience and understanding and lots of good hugs and double kisses.  She is married to a great guy who welcomes us to his home, with open arms.  Three handsome young men (her sons)who are all as much fun as their parent. She is a hospice nurse in her spare time and is always as busy as a bee!

Doreen is Lady No Name


Doreen is our Jamaican addition and our token student! We wish she would hurry up and finish her studies, so she can party with us more.. She is married with two good looking young men for sons.  She has a problem coming up with a name she likes cause she is so picky, that she will probably stay Lady No-Name forever…  She can also cook up some yummy meals to bring to our MEETINGS!!


Amelia is our Cuban member.  Her name is Lady Java, and she must have her morning coffee.  She says she is no longer a member, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!!  Amelia and Liz have been friends for thirty something years, WOW!  Her hobbies are reading and taking care of her family!